Napa River and Wetlands Scenic Boat Tours - 19' Mako Skiff Center Console 
    Four person maximum on boat
    $150 per-person (2) passenger price for 3 hour daytime tours (mimimum $300)
    $100 per-person for each additional passenger up to four persons in total

    $100 Surcharge for Sunrise Tours  
    $100 Surcharge for Sunset Tours  

    Napa River Fishing Charters - 19' Mako Skiff Center Console 
    Four person maximum on boat
    $500 one or two passengers (ideal)
    $600 three passengers (workable)
    $800 four passengers (must be good friends)

    All necessary fishing tackle is provided ie rods, reels and lures. I'll cover the cost of lost terminal tackle and lures but if you break a rod you'll need to replace it. A California fishing license is required and can be purchased online. As of 2024 an online version of the fishing license is available and acceptable. A discount may be available in special circumstances.

    Capt. Aussie Bob
    US Coast Guard Certified OUPV 6-Pack Charter Boat Captain (MMC - Merchant Mariner Credential). Department of Fish and Wildlife registered fishing vessel with the required Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel license (CPFV), All safety gear and compliances, commercial insurances.

    Things to do in Napa: Personalized and private guided wetlands boat tours down the Napa River. Boat Tours of the 
    Napa Sonoma Wetlands and Tidal Marshes and the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Picnics, Photography & Birding that can only be experienced by boat. Other things to do in Napa besides wine tasting include Hot Air Ballooning, Kayak Rental and Mountain Biking. 

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